Welcome to Beyond! We are so glad you’ve found us. No matter what your faith background is or where you are at in your personal journey, we want you to know that you belong here.

We at Beyond strive to help LGBT people of faith bridge the gap between the two seemingly opposing communities of faith and sexuality. We hope to serve as a compass that helps you navigate your way through the crossroads ahead. 

So if that is you, we want you to know that you are not alone. We see you. We see the pain and the fear that you wrestle with every day. We’re here to help you renew your faith, restore your hope, and reclaim your love.

So be brave. Check out the amazing resources that we have available to you on this website. So much more freedom and life lie beyond our fears, if only we are willing to face them. Remember, if you need a listening ear, we are here to support you. Reach out to us.

You are amazing. You are strong. We believe in you.

Because Love Makes All the Difference,

Amber Cantorna
Founder and President of Beyond

 Watch Amber Cantorna’s “It Gets Better” video commemorating the 5 year anniversary of her coming out.