I Need Your Help to Reach Sustainability

Dear Friends,

We are nearing the end of the month and some of you are wondering how finances are coming along and how close I am getting to the goal I need to reach in order be able to make my work sustainable. Currently, I am about $400 short of meeting my initial goal. While this goal is not where I ultimately want to be, it is enough to allow me to start pulling back from my side hustle and bring my ministry more into focus.

While $400 may not seem like much left to raise, that remaining amount is crucial to being able to make this important step. If we break it down, that’s only 4 people at $100/month, or 8 ppl at $50/month, or 16 ppl at $25/month! So I still believe we can make it happen!

And if you join before this Saturday (Feb. 1st) you’ll still be entered to win the #UnashamedLGBTQ giveaway.

So if you’ve been thinking about pledging a monthly gift, or you’ve been wanting to pledge and just haven’t yet, now is the time to engage and help push that goal to the top!


ONE TIME DONATIONS ARE ALSO HELPFUL AND CAN BE MADE AT: http://ambercantorna.com/donate/

(*Note: One-time donations are not eligible for the giveaway but are greatly appreciated and go towards projects that I am working on for 2020.

I’m grateful to each of you who have joined so far and believe that together, we can do this!

For More Justice and Equality,

Amber Cantorna

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