Refocusing My Family Discount Now Available

Hey Friends,

Gift a copy to someone in need. 

I wanted to let you know that you can now order Refocusing My Family at a discounted rate if you order more than one copy! This is a great opportunity if you are wanting to gift a copy to some of your friends or family members in need of a story like this. You can also consider donating a few copies to your local school, church, or public library, engage in discussion around this topic with your PFLAG chapter, or read it as the next pick in your book club!

Placing an order is easy and shipping is very affordable! Here’s the breakdown:

2-5 copies ($18.89, 30% discount)
6-10 copies ($16.19, 40% discount)
11+ copies ($13.50, 50% discount)

To place an order, visit this link: Order Refocusing My Family

Here’s what some people are saying about Refocusing My Family:

“Amber’s ability to distill the lifestyle of Christian conservatism and show the infinitesimal ways that being gay/coming out affect someone raised in this community, are nothing short of brilliant. Wholly well written yet still accessible, Amber’s story is not just for those of the LGBT community or for someone who knows someone who identifies as such (which is, quite frankly, everyone), but for anyone interested in reading a story about an incredible woman overcoming considerable adversity. I cannot recommend it more, for both its exquisite vulnerability and cultural accuracy.” –Kristen B.

“Never have I read a book that brought me so much hope before. Reading Amber’s story, and coming into the realization that there’s someone else out there who gets what I’ve gone through, was such an amazing experience.” -Anonymous

“I was captivated from the first page. The life story that Amber shares will challenge some and encourage others. It is a story of faith, loss, restoration, and perseverance. It’s an inside look into the experiences an thought processes of one in the midst of their own personal coming out story. A must-read for allies and LGBT people alike!” -Christina

“Reading Refocusing My Family has changed my life and helped me better understand my child. I don’t feel so alone on this path now.” –Julie, mother of an LGBT child

 “Amber’s willingness to be honest and bold about her experience will help readers to feel honest and bold themselves.” –Erin L.

“Amber’s bravery shines in this powerful memoir reminding us that it will be through witness of the marginalized that we find the hope and healing we need for a more loving, peace-filled planet. If you grew up in the Focus on the Family universe (as I did), then you owe it to yourself to read this account of what happens when good people, within a good system, get controlled by bad theology.” –Colby M.

I hope you will join me on continuing to help spread a message of hope and love to those who need it the most. Together we can make a difference!

Because Love Makes All the Difference,

Amber Cantorna

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