Support the Continuation of Amber Cantorna’s Work this #GivingTuesday

If you know me, you know I hate fundraising. It’s not in my nature and I wish I could do everything for everyone all the time. I hate feeling limited. But I am. And the reality is, we all have living and operating expenses.

Today, I’m going to be super open and vulnerable with you and tell you that currently, I’m only receive $312 a month on Patreon. While I am incredibly grateful for each and every person that is supporting me in this way, as you can imagine, it doesn’t go very far each month when it comes to living and operating expenses. I want to do the work that I currently do with LGBTQ+ people full time and not have to worry where funds are coming from each month, but the reality is that right now, I still have to work a second job to keep things running. And I have chronic health problems. And a family. And it’s just a lot.

I know there are SO many amazing places that you could invest your money, both today for #GivingTuesday and for the upcoming 2020 calendar year. But I’m asking you to consider if you have just $25 a month, or $10, or even $5 that you could invest into furthering my mission of helping LGBTQ people of faith navigate their coming out process in a healthy way.

I continue to receive emails regularly from those who resonate with both my story and my work and with each one that I receive, I remember how important this work still is and how much it is still needed.

I have several new projects that I am considering for 2020, but at the moment, I honestly just feel overwhelmed as to how to “do it all.” So if you believe in the work that I do and are able to help even a little, I would be so very grateful.

You can give a one time gift by visiting my website (or using Paypal or Venmo or Google Pay).

Or you can join Patreon and support me on a monthly basis. I love the $25 tier as it enables me to get to know you better on a personal level, but any amount is available and I am so very grateful any level that you are able to give.

I hope that as you enter this holiday season, you find peace in your heart despite the chaos, and an abundance of love, laughter and joy.

So Much Love and Gratitude,

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