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A Few Simple Ways to Love on the LGBTQ People in Your Life this Holiday Season

With December already upon us and the holiday season in full swing, it is a happy and joyous time for many, but unfortunately, not for all. This year, my heart is heavy for several of our close friends facing very difficult and challenging situations this season with health, with relationships, and with loss. For LGBTQ people in particular, the holidays can be an especially difficult time of year. Many have lost relationships with family or friends as a result of their sexual orientation or gender identity. And those who have maintained relationship with family members often still experience a relational strain that lingers in their family interactions, making holidays with family just as challenging as for those without family. For many, myself included, even in the midst of joy and celebration, there‚Äôs a deep sense of loss, of sadness, and of grief for that which could be. Maybe that comes […]