New Coming-Out Guide for Queer Christians from the Author of Refocusing My Family

What does the coming-out process look like for LGBTQ Christians, especially when they do not feel safe, affirmed, or supported in their communities? LGBTQ Christians can be haunted by feelings of depression, despair, and thoughts of suicide as they try to reconcile their faith with their sexuality. Author and LGBTQ advocate, Amber Cantorna (Refocusing My Family), has been there before. As the daughter of a thirty-year-plus Focus on the Family executive, Cantorna was cast out of her community when she came out. However, Cantorna found acceptance and healing through her faith, seeking out an affirming church to support her in her journey. Now as part of her work dedicated to reconnecting LGBTQ Christians with their faith, Cantorna offers her latest book, Unashamed: A Coming-Out Guide for LGBTQ Christians.

“LGBTQ Christians are desperate for guidance on how to navigate the unexpected journey of coming out,” Cantorna writes. “They’ve been backed into a corner by religion, taught to be ashamed of who they are, and have lived in fear of being abandoned by both God and those they love if the truth about their identity leaks out. They want to live authentically, but they lack the needed resources to guide them.”

In this handy guide, LGBTQ people of faith will find personal and practical advice for the coming-out process. Unashamed tackles such topics as internalized homophobia, re-establishing your worth as a child of God, finding an affirming faith community, and deciding when and how to come out. In her accessible and compassionate style, Cantorna equips LGBTQ Christians for the coming-out process, helps them create communities that will support and love them during the journey, and offers a bridge to re-establish their relationship with God. Unashamed: A Coming-Out Guide to LGBTQ Christians releases from Westminster John Knox Press on March 12, 2019. It is available for preorder now.

Amber Cantorna is a national speaker, a columnist for Patheos, and the author of Refocusing My Family: Coming Out, Being Cast Out, and Discovering the True Love of God. As a leader dedicated to supporting LGBTQ people through their coming-out process, Cantorna uses her platform to inspire others and works to dissolve shame, foster self-acceptance, and generate a message of love and inclusion for all.