Author: Amber Cantorna

A Blessing in the Midst of a Pandemic

“Blessed is planet earth in the midst of a pandemic,Positioned in the milky way galaxy and continuing to orbit,As people all over the globe fight for their very lives. Blessed is each and every country,Who are doing the best with the resources they have,And navigating an unprecedented situation with limited equipment, funds, and support. Blessed are the Chinese, the Asians, and the Asian-AmericansWho are experiencing discrimination and racist violenceFor something that they are equally scared of and equally powerless to control. Blessed is Italy and New York. Blessed are the healthcare workers pulling long and dangerous shifts without proper equipment, to save the lives of people they’ve never even met.Blessed are their family members.Blessed, blessed, blessed, are the nurses who hold the hand of victims as they pass from this life, because their family can’t. Blessed are the grocery workers, the sanitation crews, the farmers, the pilots, the truck drivers, the postal workers, the food deliverers and grocery shoppers-they are the people who are keeping this world in motion. Blessed are those that are having to make the impossible decision between going to work in unsafe conditions and not earning a paycheck. Blessed are the teachers. Dear God, bless the teachers. Blessed are the government officials making difficult decisions against popular opinion to protect the health and safety of their people.Blessed are those who are doing it well. Blessed is Dr. Fauci, and Governor Cuomo for keeping us informed and sane during insane times. Blessed is the World Health Organization […]

A Blessing for the Anxious

If you’re anything like me, it’s hard not to worry or feel anxious right now. With all that is currently going on in our world, I can try my best not to worry, but I still do…often. Sometimes so much that the impact is almost paralyzing. I am anxious and I am afraid, and I know that I am not the only one. So here is a blessing for the anxious this week…for you…for me. My hope is that it will bring a slice of calm to our hearts as we continue to face the journey of life, in this currently very worrisome world… Blessed are the anxious,Those who are concerned with the problems of the world,Those whose hearts are heavy and burdened for their country, Their town, Their home, Their life. Blessed are those who aren’t sure how to make ends meet, Those who are fighting to provide for their family, Those who feel alone in their marriage, Those who are struggling to parent their kids well in these divisive times,Those who have just come out to their spouse, Those who leave home in attempt to forget their problems, Those who stay home in attempt to hide from their problems, Those who try to eat, drink, sleep, party, or starve their problems away, and those that watch Schitt’s Creek for comic relief. Blessed are those who go to therapy. Blessed are those who need therapy but can’t afford it, And those who find alternative forms of what is therapeutic […]

You Can’t Be a Half-Hearted Ally

Bottom Line: You can’t be a half-hearted ally. There is no middle ground. You either have all your skin in the game, or you don’t. This doesn’t mean that you can’t or won’t make mistakes. What it means is that you can’t hold on to your privilege and your ally card too. You can only choose one. Because when you try to hold onto both, damage is done, trust is betrayed, and people are hurt. I have seen this multiple times in both my professional and personal life in recent months and I am begging you to step up and make a change. “You can’t hold on to your privilege and your ally card too.” We need allies. We need you. We are asking you lay down your pride, use your privilege to elevate the voices of the marginalized, and have integrity to stand by what you say–mean it with all of your heart–and then walk it out on this journey alongside us towards a more just, equal, and safe place for us all to live.

“Brave Lullaby” – My First Original Single Releases Today

Dear Friends, I’ve awaited this day for a very long time…today I release my first original single “Brave Lullaby.” This journey back to music has been so close to my heart. Some of you know that I grew up in a very musical family singing and performing all over the nation and even around Europe in my elementary and teenage years. But when I came out, music is something that I lost along with so many other things. This journey back to music has taken me some time to emotionally and spiritually navigate what that looks like for me now and how to make it fresh and new, while at the same time, connecting it back to that part of me that I lost. Thank you to each of you who have supported and loved through this process. Because of you, this part of me has begun to be revived and I now get to start sharing it with others again. You can now stream “Brave Lullaby” for free at this link and if you’d like to download it into your very own music library, you can do so by going to: and scrolling to the bottom of the page.  Enjoy and Be Brave Today, Amber Cantorna

Unashamed Merch is Here!!!

Hellooooo My Unashamed Friends! I’m so excited because today is the official launch of #UnashamedLGBTQ–a new merch line I’m launching to empower LGBTQ people of faith to embrace and celebrate who they are created to be! In the shop, you’ll find affirming t-shirts, hoodies, hats and buttons for LGBTQ people and allies alike! And don’t miss our #UnashamedLGBTQ button series as well! So head on over to the #UnashamedLGBTQ Store and check it out. If you purchase anything in the next week you get 15% off! AND THEN…I would super appreciate it if you would also Like/Follow #UnashamedLGBTQ on social media. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! We want to get the word out about this new swag, but we need your help to do it. Likes, shares, and shout-outs are all super appreciated! Can’t wait to see this swag on YOU and hear what you think! Be Brave, Live Unashamed, Amber

5 Things You Can Do to Support LGBTQ People During Pride Month

In the midst of Pride month, I’ve been asked multiple times: What does Pride even mean? What is it exactly that we are celebrating? Does it mean that we are boasting or flaunting our LGBTQ identity? No, that’s not what it means. Pride, especially for those of us who identify as LGBTQ people of faith, isn’t about being boastful (as in “pride goes before a fall”) but rather a confidence that who we are is beautiful and radiant, and that we are fully loved and embraced by God exactly as we are. It’s a chance to come together with others like us in a place where we feel safe to be ourselves; a place where we can be seen without having to hide. As others have said, “Pride was not born out of a need to celebrate being gay, but (out of) our right to exist without persecution.” So if you identify as part of the LGBTQ community, celebrate your God-given identity this month with people who affirm ALL of who you are. Or use this as an opportunity to discuss with family or friends who may not be fully affirming what this month means to you, and why it is important for LGBTQ people to have this recognition every year. If you are not LGBTQ, but a parent, pastor, friend, or ally of the LGBTQ community, here are a few ways that you can support those loved ones around you during Pride month: Call or send a card to […]

The Truth About Me, Blogging, and Health

So the truth is…I’m a sporadic blogger. I’m not good at rolling out blogs on a regular basis, and I have reprimanded myself for it time and time again. I compare myself to other bloggers who create new posts weekly like clockwork, and who engage in debates around everything related to justice on social media, and think to myself…”I need to be more like them.” The internal pressure I put upon myself ultimately leaves me feeling inadequate, like I fail to measure up to others in my lane, and (to use Brene Brown language) like I’m “not enough and therefore unworthy of belonging”. Then I realized when I looked a little closer, that authors (especially those that published 2 books in under 2 years) didn’t blog regularly either. And I took a bit of a breath. But still I felt the pressure. Eventually, this is something that I have had to come to terms with and accept about myself and my current situation. I do not have a manager, or an agent, or event planner, or a social media guru, or a marketing person…those are all things I do myself on top of writing, speaking, traveling, and managing my personal life and working another job. So it’s a lot. Some of you may know (and others of you may not) that I also have chronic health issues. I deal with chronic pain and chronic fatigue on a daily basis and my immune system does not function properly. This in itself […]

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