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Reminder: Book Club Registration Opens THIS Thursday at 10am MST!

Hey Friends, Just a quick reminder that registration for our upcoming LGBTQ Faith Book Club launches this Thursday at 10am MST! Be watching for an email to arrive in your inbox on Thursday morning with the link. I would LOVE to have you join us! You can view all the information about it HERE!  Remember, space is limited, so if you (and a friend!) are wanting to join, don’t wait! I hope to see many of your beautiful faces in this group! This will be a great opportunity to read, learn, and build community together with other like-minded people. I can’t wait to have this adventure with you! Amber Cantorna

It’s a Go! LGBTQ Faith Book Club Coming Soon!

IT’S A GO! After putting some feelers out this week, it looks like we have enough interest to launch our very first LGBTQ Faith Book Club! Here’s how this will go down: *People who showed initial interest will have the chance to register first! (If you have not yet expressed interest but want to be added, please reply to this email or comment on the book club social media post. Names will be added in the order I receive them.) *Sign-ups will happen beginning July 23rd (with a min. of 20 people required to launch). Once registration is complete, the book club members will be added to a private Facebook group and provided a list of potential books to read. They will have the opportunity to vote for their favorites and that is how the book list will be formed. The book club will then officially launch in September. *This book club is open to all people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and faiths. Allies, parents, pastors, family members, etc. of the LGBTQ+ community are also welcome to join. All you need is a desire to learn and grow. *Each month, weekly discussion questions will be provided in the within the private Facebook group for members to engage. At the end of each month we will host a virtual gathering (via Zoom or some other platform) and dialogue about the book…ideally with the author! (Note: While the author’s presence is the hope of each book chosen, it is not […]

Gauging Interest for LGBTQ Faith Book Club

Hi Friends, I’m currently thinking about launching a book club this fall that focuses on LGBTQ faith related books. I’d love to know if this is something you or someone you know would be interested in. Here are a few of the details to get you started: -Read one book a month-$25/month membership fee (with 6 or 12 month commitment, discount available for Patreon members)-Access to Facebook discussion group-Virtual meeting at end of month to discuss and dialogue, ideally with the author of the book (Note: Authors will not be approached for this project until I have sufficient interest)-Open to first 25-30 people who signup-Launching in September Some of the books that are being considered are: -Changing Our Mind, David Gushee-Modern Kinship, Dave and Tino Kalaf-Walking the Bridgeless Canyon,Kathy Baldock-Transforming, Austen Hartke-A Survival Guide for Heretics, Aaron Van VoorhisUnashamed, Amber Cantorna-Beyond Shame, Matthias Roberts-Practicing, Kathy Escobar-Unclobber, Colby Martin …and more!!! Nothing has been finalized yet, right now I am simply gauging interest to see if I have enough people wanting to join. So if you or someone you know might be interested and you would like to see this project launch this fall, please give me your input by replying to this email or commenting on my social media post! Be safe and stay healthy! Amber

No One Should Have to Fight for Their Right to Breathe

NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO FIGHT FOR THEIR RIGHT TO BREATHE. I cannot begin to express the anger, sadness, and outrage I feel over the injustice, racism, discrimination, and violence that Black people continue to face on a daily basis living in America. No one should have to fight for their right to breathe. We live in a nation that was founded on racism and oppression, yet almost 200 years later we have BARELY moved the needle away from a culture that thrived on the blood, sweat, and tears of Black lives that were forced to work as slaves so that white people could live comfortably. Why has nothing changed? BECAUSE WHITE PEOPLE REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE FACT THAT SOMETHING IS DEEPLY WRONG. Unaffected, we continue to live comfortably in our white privilege and a social system that works and fights for our rights, while completely ignoring and remaining complacent (and therefore complicit) regarding the injustice around us. Black people have every right to be outraged. America is NOT a nation that believes “all men are created equal.” When Black people live in daily fear for their lives, we are FAR from a country that believes in equality. From this nation’s founding, Black people have been the subject of racism and violence for no reason other than the color of their skin. IF THIS DOES NOT CAUSE YOU TO BE OUTRAGED, THEN YOU HAVE A LOT OF INTERNAL WORK TO DO. These are PEOPLE, with families, and jobs, and dreams, […]

A Mother’s Day Video for the Mama Bears

This was an emotional project for me, but it is such an honor to share it. I am so grateful for all the Mama Bears who are making this world a better, safer, and more loving place for LGBTQ people to live and thrive. This is my Mother’s Day tribute to you. If you saw the Facebook campaign that went up on Friday, you saw just a snippet of the letter that I wrote. This video is the letter in its entirety and I’ve poured everything I had into recording and producing this gift for you this week. Whether you are a Mama Bear, an LGBTQ ally, a surrogate mom, or you know someone who is, I hope you will watch and share this far and wide on this Mother’s Day that is especially hard and challenging for so many people this year. Happy Mother’s Day Mama Bears! I love each of you! Amber Cantorna

If What I Do Matters to You: 7 Ways to Support My Work During This Pandemic

These are unprecedented times, no doubt. And now more than ever we need to be supporting one another. Artists especially face hard times with book tours being cancelled, speaking engagements on hold, and much of what we do relying on the public’s support to get us through. I can’t find it in me to ask for financial gifts during this #GivingTuesdayNow campaign…especially while there are so many others who are struggling just to put food on the table and pay their rent. But if my work has mattered at all to you or to someone you love, here are seven easy ways that you can support what I do during this pandemic: 1. Follow me on social media. If you’re not following me across all social media channels, please do that right now! It helps me grow my audience and you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel as I’ll be doing more there in the coming weeks. So go ahead and click these links to “Like” and “Follow” these channels now! 2. Subscribe to my blog. If you haven’t yet, subscribe to my blog! I only send out emails one or two times a month, so I promise not to flood your inbox. It’s a great way to keep you up-to-date with what I’m doing and you’ll always be first to receive new blogs that I write. 3. Write an Amazon review. Writing a review of my books on Amazon […]

A Blessing in the Midst of a Pandemic

“Blessed is planet earth in the midst of a pandemic,Positioned in the milky way galaxy and continuing to orbit,As people all over the globe fight for their very lives. Blessed is each and every country,Who are doing the best with the resources they have,And navigating an unprecedented situation with limited equipment, funds, and support. Blessed are the Chinese, the Asians, and the Asian-AmericansWho are experiencing discrimination and racist violenceFor something that they are equally scared of and equally powerless to control. Blessed is Italy and New York. Blessed are the healthcare workers pulling long and dangerous shifts without proper equipment, to save the lives of people they’ve never even met.Blessed are their family members.Blessed, blessed, blessed, are the nurses who hold the hand of victims as they pass from this life, because their family can’t. Blessed are the grocery workers, the sanitation crews, the farmers, the pilots, the truck drivers, the postal workers, the food deliverers and grocery shoppers-they are the people who are keeping this world in motion. Blessed are those that are having to make the impossible decision between going to work in unsafe conditions and not earning a paycheck. Blessed are the teachers. Dear God, bless the teachers. Blessed are the government officials making difficult decisions against popular opinion to protect the health and safety of their people.Blessed are those who are doing it well. Blessed is Dr. Fauci, and Governor Cuomo for keeping us informed and sane during insane times. Blessed is the World Health Organization […]

A Blessing for the Anxious

If you’re anything like me, it’s hard not to worry or feel anxious right now. With all that is currently going on in our world, I can try my best not to worry, but I still do…often. Sometimes so much that the impact is almost paralyzing. I am anxious and I am afraid, and I know that I am not the only one. So here is a blessing for the anxious this week…for you…for me. My hope is that it will bring a slice of calm to our hearts as we continue to face the journey of life, in this currently very worrisome world… Blessed are the anxious,Those who are concerned with the problems of the world,Those whose hearts are heavy and burdened for their country, Their town, Their home, Their life. Blessed are those who aren’t sure how to make ends meet, Those who are fighting to provide for their family, Those who feel alone in their marriage, Those who are struggling to parent their kids well in these divisive times,Those who have just come out to their spouse, Those who leave home in attempt to forget their problems, Those who stay home in attempt to hide from their problems, Those who try to eat, drink, sleep, party, or starve their problems away, and those that watch Schitt’s Creek for comic relief. Blessed are those who go to therapy. Blessed are those who need therapy but can’t afford it, And those who find alternative forms of what is therapeutic […]

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