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The Unexpected People Who Change Your Life

  I’m amazed at how people can subtly change our life, sometimes without us even knowing it. This past week, because of an unexpected situation, I’ve been reflecting a lot on the people that have changed my life. Some of you know that I deal with chronic pain and undergo a somewhat intensive treatment on a regular basis. Last week, I walked into my doctor’s office with my wife and my service dog, Half Pint ready for another treatment. The three of us always go to my treatments together and Half Pint has become so well loved by the staff that they claim her as their office mascot. It’s one of Half Pint’s favorite places to accompany me and she gets excited every time I tell her that’s where we’re going. And last week was no exception. We all walked in with smiles. But the climate in the office was different that day. The staff, usually bubbly and excited to see us (especially Half Pint), were not their smiley selves. Following one of the medical staff back into the treatment room, I said, “How are you today?” “Ok,” she responded. “Just sad, you know,” as if I was supposed to know what she was talking about. But I didn’t. “Why sad?” I asked, beginning to clue in to the fact that I was missing something. “Didn’t you get the letter?” “What letter?” I said, starting to feel nervous. “Dr. Chris is retiring at the end of the month.” For a moment, my […]

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