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It Just Keeps Getting Better

Tomorrow marks six years since I came out of the closet. In some ways it feels so much longer. So much has happened in the span of those six years–I’ve fallen in love, gotten married to my wife,… Read More

Video Link, QCF, and New Resources on the Horizon!

Hello Dear Friends! Greetings post GCN/QCF conference! For those of you who weren’t there, the Gay Christian Network (as of this last week) has officially been renamed Q Christian Fellowship and we just finished a fantastic weekend together… Read More

Believe Out Loud: When Coming Out Costs You Everything, by Amber Cantorna

Hey Friends, I had the privilege to write for Believe Out Loud this week in honor of National Coming Out day and share my story as well as give some advice to those who are considering coming out…. Read More

My Evening with the Mama Bears

This week, I had the opportunity of being the special guest on Serendipitydoodah’s Facebook LIVE event. Serendipitydoodah is a private Facebook group for moms of LGBTQ kids. With currently over 1,900 members they continue to grow and connect… Read More

5 Years Ago Today I Came Out (Video)

5 years ago today, I came out to my family. This is my “It Gets Better” story to commemorate this day: You can read my story by clicking here: Refocusing My Family. Please consider partnering with us as we launch… Read More

An Exciting Announcement from Amber Cantorna!!!

Please watch this short video and then read the letter below!!! (If you would like to view this video in ASL, go to AmberCantorna.com and hover over the “Donate” tab) Dear Friend, Five years ago this week, I… Read More