Podcasts Amber’s Been On

08.25.17 – Hemant Mehta’s, “The Friendly Athiest” Podcast

The Friendly Athiest Podcast with Amber Cantorna, Author of Refocusing My Family


07.27.17 – Dr. Ken Schneck’s, “This Show is So Gay” Podcast

Ep. 411, This Show is So Gay with J. Tyler and Amber Cantorna



01.02.2017 – Kevin Garcia’s, “A Tiny Revolution” Podcast

We Don’t Know What We’re Doing (with Amber Cantorna)



12.29.16 – Cass Midgley’s, “Everyone’s Agnostic” Podcast

Everyone’s Agnostic Podcast: Episode 131 with Amber Cantorna



05.30.16 – Candice Czubernat’s, “The Cancast” Podcast

When You Lose It All (with Amber Cantorna)



03.05.16 – Benjamin L. Corey and Matthew Paul Turner’s, “That God Show” Podcast

That God Show: Focus on the Family Exec Shuns Gay Daughter-She Breaks Her Silence