2018 Events:

01.11.18 – Forefront Church, Held at Bond Collective, 68 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY (7:00pm): Faith, Culture, and Questions Event with Amber Cantorna

01.13.18 – Parnassus Books, Nashville, TN (2:00pm): Refocusing My Family Author Event with Amber Cantorna

01.18.18-01.21.18 – Gay Christian Network Conference, Denver, CO: (Registration now open!)

02.03.18 – Sojourn Grace Collective, San Diego, CA (6:00pm): Refocusing My Family Speaking Event and Book Signing with Amber Cantorna (This event is free, donations to Amber’s ministry are welcomed)(Note: This event has been changed from Sun, Feb 4th to Sat, Feb 3rd due to SuperBowl Sunday)

02.05.18 – Caltech University, Pasadena, CA (12:00pm): Refocusing My Family Lunch Event with Amber Cantorna

02.11.18 – Central Avenue Church, Glendale, CA (10:00am): Amber Cantorna as Guest Speaker at Central Avenue Church

03.06.18 – Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Tacoma, WA (7:00pm): Refocusing My Family Speaking Event and Book Signing with Amber Cantorna (This event is free, donations to Amber’s ministry are welcomed)

03.08.18 – Elliott Bay Book Company, Seattle, WA (7:00pm): Refocusing My Family Author Event with Amber Cantorna

03.09.18 – Christ Church Portland, Portland, OR (7:00pm): Bridge Town Forum with Amber Cantorna (This event is free, donations to Amber’s ministry are welcomed)

03.14.18 – Out Boulder County, Boulder, CO (7:00pm): Special event with Amber Cantorna (This event will be held at First Congregational Church in Boulder, CO)

04.12.18 – Forever Friends and Fiction, Denver, CO (10:30am): (Closed Group)

04.16.18 – Youth Celebrate Diversity, Lakewood, CO (6:00pm): Exploring Religion, Family, and Sexuality with Amber Cantorna (This event is free and open to all students, parents and teachers. It will be held at Lakewood High School in Lakewood, CO.)

07.12.18-07.15.18 – Wild Goose Festival, Hot Springs, NC: (Registration now open!)

07.16.18 – Charleston, SC (Details coming soon)

11.11.18 – Church of the Good Shepherd, Albuquerque, NM (11:00am): Amber Cantorna as guest speaker

We will be branching into Canada this summer! Check back soon for details about events in Ottawa, ON this August!


If you believe in the work Amber is doing, please consider supporting this project by financially partnering with Beyond. Any and every donation made will make a difference in somebody’s life and will help spread a message of hope and love to LGBT people and their families across the nation! 

If you would like to book Amber Cantorna for an upcoming event, please go to the Contact page and submit a request. We look forward to hearing from you!


“Amber is the first speaker I’ve heard to successfully present the challenge and resolve of conflict between LGBT, family and religion. Amber is a seasoned presenter and talented speech architect who uses every crafted sentence and gesture to channel her emotion into a essential message of hope that the audience craves and honesty that makes her words genuine. I would highly recommend Amber for any speaking event in which her topic would be of benefit to the audience.”
-Marty Dickenson
Web Marketer/Web Services Provider

“Amber is an accomplished speaker who doesn’t hesitate to allow herself to be vulnerable in front of an audience. By sharing her own imperfect life in such an honest way, she wins empathy and respect while encouraging listeners to be less judgmental and more tolerant. Amber’s acceptance of her own frail humanity makes all of us feel more accepting of ourselves and others–she’s inspirational.”
-Gloria Lesher, M.A.

“Amber is such an inspiration! I love hearing her speak because it comes from the heart and has such passion. She doesn’t just talk about herself, but actually gets to the point of how we can progress though our challenges with strength and tenacity! Love her and I can’t wait until her next speaking event!”
-Anastasia Button
Author, Speaker, Coach