Reading Resources

Note: This page is provided as a resource only and is not intended as an endorsement of any individual or book. There is a continually growing number of resources available for seeking help and support, as well as researching issues relevant to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people of faith. I have listed just a few of them here to get you started on this journey.

LGBTQ Faith Memoirs:

Refocusing My Family, by Amber Cantorna



Undivided, by Vicky Beeching



Transforming, by Austen Hartke



She’s My Dad, by Jonathan Williams



Unseen, by Meredith Jade



Given Up for You, by Erin O. White



Facing the Music, by Jennifer Knapp



Recommended Reading on Sex, Purity Culture, and LGBTQ Marriage

Beyond Shame, by Matthias Roberts



Modern Kinship, by David and Constantino Khalaf



Shameless, by Nadia Bolz-Weber



Pure, by Linda Kay Klein



Sex, God, and the Conservative Church, by Tina Schermer Sellers


Recommended Reading on Reconciling Faith and Sexuality 
(in order from least to most academic):

Unclobber, by Colby Martin



Changing Our Mind, by David P. Gushee



Why Churches Need to Talk About Sexuality, by Mark Wingfield



Walking the Bridgeless Canyon, by Kathy Baldock



Bible, Gender, Sexuality: Reframing the Church’s Debate on Same-Sex Relationships, by James Brownson


Other Recommended Reading:

Braving the Wilderness, by Brene Brown



Accidental Saints, by Nadia Boltz Weber



What Is the Bible?, by Rob Bell



The Gifts of Imperfection, by Brene Brown



Practicing, by Kathy Escobar


Sacred Wounds, by Teresa B. Pasquale



A Bigger Table, by John Pavlovitz



Does Jesus Really Love Me?by Jeff Chu


Kathy Baldock’s Review List of Books that are Damaging to the LGBTQ Community