Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission at Beyond is: To provide support to LGBTQ individuals as they go through their coming out process and enable them to renew their faith, restore their hope, and reclaim their love.

We have a specific focus on those that come from conservative Christian backgrounds as they are among those at the highest risk for suicide.

Our Vision is: To reduce LGBTQ suicide rates within faith communities by:

  • Providing coaching to help LGBTQ people reconcile their faith with their sexuality.
  • Instilling value and worth in LGBTQ individuals to recognize the unique beauty they bring to the world.
  • Equipping LGBTQ individuals and communities with education and tools that will serve as guideposts along their coming out journey.
  • Connecting LGBTQ people to resources that will help them thrive rather than merely struggle to survive.
With the unique experience of growing up as the home-schooled daughter of a Focus on the Family executive and later loosing everything when she came out as gay, Beyond’s founder and president, Amber Cantorna, has the ability to relate to this demographic in a rare and distinct way. Because of her experience and her compassion for others, Amber is passionate about dissolving shame, fostering self acceptance, and generating messages of hope for LGBTQ+ people of faith.